Creative Days Ahead: A Look Into Our Sample Development Process

Happy Monday, friends! Even if Monday isn’t quite your favorite day, we’re hoping we can cheer you up a bit with a little look into our creative process here at Say Possible Socks. We want you to know that we’re not just here to sell socks; rather, we’re here to inspire and educate you about our process and why we, as a design-focused company, absolutely love what we do.

Something we do differently: We paint our own swatch palette – the colors our mills will match our yarns to. We could otherwise buy a book full of pre-made swatches, but when we want a specific color and mood, it’s just better if we create it from scratch. With this artistic approach to the beginning process of sampling sock designs, we are very tuned in to what the look and mood of the style will be. Our in-house creative team dives in paint-brush-first into mixing our very own line of color. Then, we will match specific swatches to different parts of a sock design – on what we call our tech pack. Check back for some more insights!

We want to be your first choice in selecting a sock brand that values both quality and creative vision; we are big picture kind of people, and we want you to be a part of it! Let us know your thoughts below – what’s your creative vision?

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