Customer Care

What does “sock size” mean?

We’ve translated the mysterious sock sizing standards into easy-to-understand shoe size equivalents. You can check out the chart below:

Sock Size     Women’s Shoe Size     Men’s Shoe Size
     9-11                           5-10                               4-7
    10-13                          10+                              8-12


Where are Say Possible Socks made?

We are partnered with multiple, family-owned mills around the world that allow us to offer an array of options in our quality and techniques. We currently partner with mills in North Carolina, United States and India and are expanding to other countries as we grow. We are selective about our manufacturing partners, as they must demonstrate to us the same integrity that we hold ourselves to. We visit our partners regularly, and are constantly expanding our knowledge of new techniques and machinery.


How do I care for my Say Possible Socks?

  1. Washing & Drying: The ideal scenario would be that you could hand wash each and every pair with cold water and hang dry *not to extended in the sun though, as that can damage the yarns and fade over time – but, if you don’t exactly have time for all that, we simply recommend machine washing cold, gentle cycle, (do not bleach) and if you need to use the dryer, best at tumble dry low setting. These simple things can extend the life of the sock tremendously!
  2. Wearing:  Our designer combed cotton styles are meant to be worn for fashion-forward and casual-dress occasions. Because of the finer quality of the sock, a dress shoe (preferably a smooth insole, and sock-lining *learn more here.) is the ideal pairing – we do not recommend wearing continuously with sneakers as the material lining of the shoes tends to rub and create pilling and potentially holes over time. This goes for most socks, except athletic socks which are designed to take on that type of usage. Say Possible is working on some athletic sock designs of their own, stay tuned!
  3. Storing: You can deter fabric-chomping insects with things like cedar wood blocks and lavender scents in your drawer or closet if you plan to store away your socks.  


What if I have a sock idea and want a custom pair?

We’re so glad to see you’re being creative! If you’re looking for quantities of 150 pairs or more, let’s chat! Send us an email through our contact form and we’ll see if our services meet your requirements.


How can I contact you if I have an issue?

We’d love to hear from you and work together to resolve any issues or concerns that you may have with our socks. Use our “Contact” page to send us a message and we will respond in a timely manner.