Feeling Cozy On This Rainy Day…

Woke up this morning…really early, at 2 a.m. (Yes, that is early for me) – and noticed a slight breeze in the already seemingly cool air. Assessing that I might be expecting some rain today – the best part about it is that I actually love rainy days; they make me feel cozy and somehow super-productive – so I decided to slip on a pair of my soft combed cotton Say Possible Socks and work in my sweats today! The style featured above is the “Blue Tonal Block,” and has a ribbed texture, as well as a very wardrobe-friendly color palette. Who can go wrong with blue?

This lightweight combed cotton blend design feels light enough that I hardly notice they’re on, but goes amazing with my favorite pair of dress shoes. Not today though, I am going sans shoes today!

What does my typical day look like? Wake up, coffee, emails, sock talk, preparing orders to go out for the day, updating blog, lunch (of course), a little research and sketching break, then back at emails. For me, this is a fulfilling day, which I need to get back to! 🙂

Have a pair of Blue Tonal Block? Feel free to comment below why  you love ’em so! <3

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