#FridaySocks – Socks for the Best Day of the Week

It’s Friday, friends – we made it through the week! Now, the best part about Friday is that you get to wear your fun socks, right? We’re going to reach in our sock drawer and pull out…Try-Angles! We designed our Try-Angles style to be bold and brave for you – when you wear them, think of all the new things you’d like to try. The positive pink seeks to encourage you, while the mini triangle pattern¬† adds structure to build upon your experiences.

Our socks are not only soft (made with combed cotton), but are designed to be shown – whether they peek out from under your office attire, or are boldly worn with a pair of heels, we think you can style Say Possible Socks just about however you want.

So go ahead, put on your favorite pair of accessories today – flaunt them, or be mysterious – we just want you to be comfortable and happy with who you are!


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