Happy Friday, From Say Possible Socks!

Happy Friday; we finally made it! Isn’t it funny how slow the week begins, then the weekend slips by? So, you may be wondering what we’ve been up to over here at Say Possible HQ – I’ll tell you! After focusing on taking some better photos of our existing artsy fashion sock styles and refining our website, we were so excited to get our new samples in!! Eek! We can’t show you them just yet, but keep an eye out – and sign up for our e-newsletter if you absolutely want to be one of the FIRST to know when we’ll launch – putting the word out now, we’re thinking of working out a Kickstarter campaign…

We love telling you about how we got to this point, and we’re hope you’re interested in that sort of stuff! We’re glad you want to know where your socks come from, how they’re made – who makes them, who designs them! All a part of being a smart consumer. As far as socks are concerned, yes, you can buy less expensive socks in the stores (and that is totally okay!) But what we offer at Say Possible, is a more unique insight into our designs; our art is original, hand-drawn, then brought into Adobe Illustrator to “vectorize” (yeah, we made that word up). Then, off to the mills to get sampled. Starting our 2018 line, we’ve hand-painted our very own color swatches. That means, we care about the details. We’re in direct communication with our manufacturing partners, both in the U.S. and India.

So, as you wear Say Possible Socks, we hope you think of how much care and attention went into the design, sourcing, and production. We blend art + design to create our work – that’s important to us, and hope you enjoy the special treat for your feet.

Stay tuned for more artsy fashion socks from Say Possible Studio…


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