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Sock packaging…Ever noticed how your socks are packaged? Recently, we’ve started to pay more attention to how you receive your Say Possible Socks (not that we didn’t care before, we just have a little more time to focus on details). We love treating each pair with the boutique-touch it deserves – that is, we carefully wrap tissue paper around your pairs before they get sent out. We also tie a lovely string and bow, and top of your order with a personalized note and a business card. We intend each part of our packaging to be meaningful, and we’re not trying to be wasteful. You’ll notice (except for overnight or rush deliveries), we typically use a kraft paper mailer with cushion for your socks. We think keeping our product tag w/info on simple and sweet – because, chances are, you’re just going to throw/recycle it anyway (*and we would LOVE for you to use it as a gift tag or something creative like that!)

Here are some ways to re-use pieces of our sock packaging and product wrapping:

  • tissue paper, can be easily reused! stuff it in a gift box or bag and regift
  • string, who doesn’t love string? tie a handsome bow onto the next thoughtful gift you give
  • business card, we hope you like sharing; like your socks? pass on our card to a friend you know would too!

Have any other ideas for our sock packaging? Comment below!

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