Sock Sizing & Care

To answer your questions about Say Possible sock sizing and care, we've created this page to help you out. 

Sock Sizing:

fits most (U.S.) women's shoe size 5-10
fits most (U.S.) men's shoe size 4-7

fits most (U.S.) women's shoe size 10+
fits most (U.S.) men's shoe size 8-12


Washing & Drying: Your socks would love you if you had time to hand-wash each and every pair with cold water and hang dry (*not for extended time in the sun though, as that can damage the yarns and fade over time) – but, if you don’t exactly have time for that, we simply recommend machine washing cold, gentle cycle, (do not bleach) - and if you need to use the dryer, best at tumble dry low setting. These simple actions can extend the life of your socks.

Wearing: Our combed cotton styles are meant to be worn for fashion-forward and casual-dress occasions. Because of the finer quality of the sock, a dress shoe (preferably a smooth insole, and sock-lining) is the ideal pairing – wearing continuously with sneakers may create pilling and potentially holes over time. Our thicker styles will hold up in most conditions. 

Storing: You can deter fabric-chomping insects with things like cedar wood blocks and lavender scents in your drawer or closet if you plan to store away your socks.  


Cradle to Cradle: When your socks have lived their best life, and are ready to retire, here are some good ways to let them live out the rest of their days with purpose:

Recycle: Got a hole in the toe? Cut off that part and use as a leg warmer or style under your sandals. Create a cozy for your drinks or make a hair tie out of your retired socks. Make a scarf if you are feeling extra creative!
Donate: Depending on the state of your socks, you may want to donate to a local shelter or a venue that could make good use of the not-so-new pairs. 


Quality: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, let us know! We will work with you to change that frown, upside down. Contact us here.