Say Possible Goes To Market! – Selden Market, That Is

Photo/Image Property of Selden Market

We are so proud to announce our pop-up appearance at Selden Market this Fall! This downtown Norfolk project has been something we have been looking forward to – and we think it’s going to be so much fun to experience being a “Pop-Up” kiosk business for the first time! What an excellent learning opportunity, and not to mention a great chance to meet some other amazing local small business owners as well.

About Selden Market: This is an innovative space for small businesses to try out their ideas and market their product in a low-risk scenario – perfect for anyone who wants to test the waters of a physical retail space – or getting their name out. We feel honored to have been selected as one of the lucky pop-up booths. You can learn more about the program, here.

What we’ll offer at Selden Market: Say Possible Socks will debut in October, but keep checking back for details and dates! Our booth will allow us to showcase our latest collection, as well as some custom services; thinking about socks for your business or school? Need some soft, cozy socks for the Autumn season? Come visit us if you’re in the area!

Here’s a link to a few articles featuring the announcement:



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