Staying Positive In The Rain!

Day by day, we slowly welcome the leaves falling – even in Virginia, where Say Possible is based 🙂 As we happily gear up for our Autumn shows, we are excited to see the bright and cheerful faces of our customers when they discover us at the venues we attend. This past weekend, at our Harrisburg show, we were faced with a lot of rain – which meant sheltering under our tent, holding umbrellas up to make sure our socks didn’t get soaked, and drinking lots of coffee! There we sat, under the misfortune of the weather, hoping to make a sale or two. Did we pack it in, give up and leave the sales for next time? No, we did not 😉

Determined, and dare we say even motivated by the grey, looming clouds, we stood our ground. Through the seemingly never ending bouts of rain, we chatted with our lovely neighbors, tried out some El Salvadorian cuisine (try Mom’s Tamales and Pupusa’s next time you’re in town), and even managed a few sales. As we neared the end of the event, we were still cheerful, having met some wonderful artists and makers, as well as accepting that sometimes you can’t control everything.

As we began packing up, the rain still maintained its steady pour; but a lady came by and stopped to browse our collection. It just so happened that she collects socks for her holiday sock box – who would have guessed! We loved telling her our story of our humble origins, our dedication to small-batch manufacturing and quality design and product. She ended up buying some of our socks for her box, which just really made our day! It was a redeeming moment; you never know who you’re going to meet, or what paths are destined to cross.

Stay dry this week readers! We’re getting ready for our next show in Williamsburg, Virginia – this weekend!



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