It’s Sock Development Time Again – New Swatches, New Designs!

paint swatches

It’s that time again; here at Say Possible Socks Studio, we are ready to get developing again! Sock developing, that is. How do we start this process? By hand-painting our own color swatches as our beginning inspiration. We don’t work in “seasons” per se, and in fact, we just select colors we think would look great on you all year around – we aren’t tied down by fashion trends or fads, it’s all limitless imagination for Say Possible – anything is possible. After these swatches dry, we’ll cut them out and see which ones we want to select for our new design concepts; we can’t show the actual concepts just yet, but we thought you’d enjoy seeing a glimpse into our process! So, enjoy – ask us anything, we’re always here to be your artsy fashion sock design brand.

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