About Us

Say Possible Socks is an emerging fashion sock brand that focuses on the art of quality design and manufacturing. With our own sophisticated process, we hand paint our own color swatches, illustrate original artwork, and collaborate with our manufacturing partners to selectively knit our favorite sock designs. We are season-less, we work at our own pace, and we think in terms of “Why not?”

Both the creatives and the realists over here at Say Possible can all agree that taking up new challenges, staying humble, and thinking creatively is the way to go. Say Possible Socks reflect a modern simplicity, with a touch of playfulness – an accessory can create a great new vibe for your outfit.

In a world of fast fashion and instant gratification, we like to focus on quality and designs that can last in your wardrobe. We want you to come to Say Possible Socks for something different. We want you to come back for the quality, creativity, and customer experience. Say Possible is derived from the French saying, “C’est possible,” meaning “It is possible.”

The Say Possible team regularly visits their knitting mill partners in India and the U.S. – we want to be as transparent to our customers, and are continuously looking for ways to improve our brand and ourselves.  We are your source for artsy fashion socks.



– Say Possible